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November 2008 Highlights

Once a Pod a Time: Eth-Noh-Tec is going techno with a podcast!

It Takes 2, Babyeee: Tandem is interesting on-stage…but what about off-stage?!

The What Buddies? Oldies but goodies Asian American style!

Awards: We’re humbled and grateful for these awards as storytellers and as a green environmentally sound org! Got to practice what you preach!

India ’08: Indian food, stories, workshops, laughing yoga…Hear about it at our Dec. 13 Salon.

Getting Personal: Nancy and Robert to write family stories.

Salon! You’re On! ’09: Our 4th year of monthly salons! Intimate and fun, you must grace our studio!

China ’09: Return with us this time? Youth tellers, too?

Classes ’09: Yes, you too can learn the art of kinetic performance

Spotlight: Diana Thompson: our office techno whiz+!

Update: Green Grows the Story

Read the whole story in Eth-Noh-News November ’08!

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