STORYTELLING WITH BHARATANATYAM On our fourth day in India we took a workshop in the storytelling dance theater style of Bharatanatyam with Master Teacher Uma Ramesh.  Southern classical dance is well known for the full body approach to storytelling, from the shape of body posturing, the intricate hand mudras gestures, to the use of facial gestures expressed as “The Nine Emotions“, this form for centuries has depicted the stories of Hindu culture.

DANCING WITH STORYTELLING Above you can see our storytellers (Alton Chung, Nancy Wang, Simona Miller, Geri Isara and Jeff Byers) exploring this artform. It was so great to see our storytellers taking on the instructions and expanding their storytelling with new PHYSICAL approaches to their performances.  they are working on a famous tale found in India (as a Panchantantra story) and the world over, “The Talkative Turtle”.

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