ALL ROADS LEAD TO WASHINGTON DC!: Throngs of travelers are coming in on planes, trains, cars, and subways to converge on our Nation’s Capitol to celebrate with our new President-Elect Obama.  As we were flying into the airports and seeing the myriad of faces, Americans  in the broadest spectrum of our cultural diversity, we couldn’t help but to reflect upon this historic moment.

HISTORY IN THE MAKING!: Between the two of us, Nancy and I have experienced in our lifetimes, an evolution of American history.  From the unconstitutional incarceration of Americans of Japanese ancestry, to the apartheid culture of the Deep South, the People’s movements of the 60’s and 70’s addressing issues of Civil Rights, Peace, and the Environmental Movement to the revolutionary technologies of the New Millennium, we experienced tremendous challenge and change.  The images and words of Martin Luther Kings “I Have A Dream” speech before tens of thousands of people at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial decades ago still reverberate brightly and resoundingly in our memory … and now this: The heralding in of America’s FIRST African American to sit in White House!  It’s PHENOMENAL!

A HOT TIME WITH ETH-NOH-TEC IN CHILLY DC : It is such an honor to be a part of this Inaugural Celebration.  We’ll be posting several blogs (hopefully, if we can get out there and survive DC’s weather as we (brrrrrrrr) blog our way through the Inaugural.  This morning’s airport temperature upon arrival was one degree.   We’ll keep you posted of our happenings here in Obama-Land!

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