Hawaii was soooo Hawaii! Balmy caressing breezes, swaying palm trees, blue sky and blue ocean, and that wonderful Aloha spirit – Aloha spirit meaning warm and welcoming, kind and taking time, heart first, mouth later.

Jeff and Dominique Gere’s NSN Regional Storytelling conference was wonderful! So much work they put into it, and it showed. The workshops were informative, some fun as well. We met new and old friends and storytellers as well as were blown away with some island talent. In particular was See, a Shakespearean-like rapper/poet, and Kealoha, a rapper/storyteller – young and full of energy, creativity and inventiveness.

Sherry Norfolk, Lani Petersen, and Margaret Read-McDonald delivered really fine keynotes.

Robert and I stayed at Board Member Ric Trimillos’ Waikiki condo – lucky us, and while Robert was on bicycle, Nancy, after a too-big bike, traded in for a 3 wheel electric scooter! Felt like a really old woman toodling along the canal to the conference! But the open air under morning and night skies was so lovely! And the ground was flat!

Now we are preparing for the last minute details for our 3rd Orcas Island Storyfest Aug.4-8! Right now, Robert is painting the water tank at a major cross-road to advertise the festival! We’ve invited Motoko, Eshu Bumpus and Olga Loya to perform. Also Doug Banner, Antoinetter Botsford, Kelvin Saxton and Annaliese Kamola from Washington are performing in the festival. Good times, good community, good tellers, good food and loads of donations from the community always makes this island festival special. Wish you were here!!

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