This past weekend we had another wonderful Salon! You’re On! at the Eth-Noh-Tec Studio. Powerful storytelling (Jerry Falek), poetic Coney Island photo memoirs and songs (Gary Lapow), vocal loop sound weavings and social messages (Irina Rivkin), satirical political theater (Mimi Motoyoshi and the Makeshift Players), and of course Eth-Noh-Tec, kinetic storytelling theater.

The Crowd Enjoyed...the performances, the food, and community dialogues as they engaged with questions, insights and inspirations, sparked by the artistry of the guest performers. As we are in full swing with our fifth season of the salons, it is clear that all of us, especially in these uncertain times need to feel strengthened by our humanity. The recession, the horrors abroad, and uneasy questions about our society… we hunger for deeper meaning in life: “Who are we as human beings, if we cannot reach out to one another?

How can we make a difference in world where each us can easily feel so small and insignificant? How can we ‘connect’ and feel a part of something positive?”.

To this we say, “Think Global, Act Local, Be Compassionate!: Create! Communicate! Celebrate our deepest passions for the Love of Life!”. For those of you who have been to our Salon series, thank you for co-creating this with us.

Perhaps this little bit of inspiration can fuel the “light” in you to carry on “out there” in the community. For those who have yet to come to our studio- we invite you to attend (Our next salons are: Feb 27, Mar. 13, Apr. 10, May 15, June 5). Be a part of this “light”… help spark it in others.

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