February Salon was a hit! Dan Goldensohn: Strumming and a Singing.
It was great to hear the original lyrics, the rhythmic strumming, and… yes even the audience participation prompted by Dan’s ease with the audience.  One thing for sure, his early origins with children’s songwriting, is foundation from which his rapport with the audience and brings out the young at heart no matter what age.  Mr. Goldensohn, what joy it was having you on the salon stage. We’ll definitely look forward to seeing more of you in future salons!

Kamikaze Theory: Whacky, Wily and Right on!
Sketch comedy artists of Kamikaze Theory tickled the funny bone of our crowd with quirky social-political satirical vignettes. Whether it was jabbing at racial and religious profiling, homeland security, or mocking group therapy of the trite and insane, Kamikaze Theory was a hit !  Their name, “Kami” (spirit) and “kaze” (wind) is well suited for this quick witted troupe, born of UC Berkeley’s Asian American theater group, as they brought a fresh breeze of young energy to the salon.

Work Tales with Bill Shields and excerpts from “53 Days”.
With the ad hoc enrollment of performers from the other salon artists roster, the true life experiences of hotel worker strikers came to life, giving the audience an opportunity to witness the events surrounding 53 days that the labor stood their ground during the hotel strike of 1994.

Vintage Sax Quartet.
Saxes, senitimental and sassy filled the air of the salon room with a medley of jazz standards starting off with “Blue Skies” (Irving Berlin), followed by “Ain’t Misbehavin'” (Fats Waller), adding the music of “It Don’t Mean A Thing” (Duke Ellington), and finishing with “Oblivion” (Astor Piazzolla). Their sound was rich and dynamic, bold and layered with flavorful distinctions of bass sax, tenor, baritone, and alto saxes flowing from vintage instruments from the 1920’s and 30’s.  Nostalgia abound with surround sound at Salon! You’re ON!

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