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Last month (Mar 13) we celebrated International Women’s Month with a collaboration between AAWAA (Asian American Women’s Artists Assoc.) and Eth-Noh-Tec.  This joint salon was a wonderful evening of expressive poetry, music, storytelling, painted and projected photographic imagery and dance.  Our creative communion also inspired the guest artists as well.  By watching the other each other’s presentations, each artist was able to see new approaches to creativity, share their philosophy, and strengthen the bonds between artists.  Here are some comments, insights and thank you’s shared amongst our salon artists after seeing each others presentations.
(*the following photos were taken by Bob Hsiang)
Nancy Hom:
“Thank you for the opportunity to present my work in progress at your salon.  The intimate format made it a safe place to try out new things.  I had the chance to show some of my old work, read new poetry, and share some creative ideas I have about what it means to have “a place of my own”.  I talked about my sources of inspiration for the artwork that is to come for the ” A Place of Her Own” show.  I also did something that I would not have done in other circumstances – I actually danced in front of an audience.
The supportive atmosphere gave me the courage to express myself in all these different disciplines.  I loved presenting with my fellow women artists on stage – each of us sharing in an open and authentic way our diverse forms of creativity.  It was very empowering, and I received a lot of good feedback by the audience as well.”

Clara Hsu:
“Thank you for all your great work in presenting Salon!  You’re On!, allowing artists to share and art lovers to see, hear and taste expressive creations in your beautiful home.  I will keep an eye out for artists who may be interested in presenting at your salon, although most of my contacts are poets. Take care and until next time”

Shizue Seigel:
“Thank you. I wish I had had more time. I timed it to 13 minutes, figuring that it would run to 15. I had to cut a lot of stuff about the various barriers for women and API women to be visible, and about the money side of art, and how important it is to keep listening to your own voice, even when everybody thinks you’re wrong. And about how APIs need to work at not being xenophobic, parochial judgmental, or hiding their secrets—isolating behind a put-together exterior. this is very important, too. but I have to really think about how i can show things so that people can relate, because most APIs are much more cautious than I’ve been.  nNot sure that i’ve figured out the right balance, but  having to explore new ground with this presentation was a shot in the arm.
Thank you, Robert, for inviting us, and for sending all those wonderfully helpful emails. And for your magnificently calm and generous spirit. We’ll be out of town for the next two salons, but have pencilled in June 5 to help.  Thank you, Bob, for your kind and caring spirit and unobtrusive support. i hope that you can see what a true diamond you are. And thank you, Ben, for making me remember to laugh.”
Nancy Wang:
“As always, I find working with women a highlight of collaboration and cooperation.  Thank you for your organizational skills, your generosity, your follow through, efficiency and effectiveness.  And as well the men in our lives who support us!
Here’s what Nancy had to say about the other guest artists:
Clara, your work is breathtaking, your voice haunting, your poetry beautiful and meaningful.
Shiz – oh my!  the talent that oozes out of you!  Hearing your journey, I’m so glad you found your way because your work and your early struggles are a blessing for all of us.  And please thank Ben for his delicious apple dessert.  It pained me to put some of it in the freezer!  I wanted to eat the whole thing right then and there!  But, I’m being glad as each night I now get to eat some, prolonging the pleasure!
Nancy (Hom), I knew you were talented, but jeez!  Your art work beyond your silk screening is mind boggling.  The breadth and depth of your pieces are astonishing.  I’m so glad you’ve retired from servicing other organizations and tending to your own passion and talent.  And you danced marvelously, dah-ling!
Be well.  See you around again some time.  Thank you so much also for the lovely volunteers you brought with you (husbands, partners, friends) and of course the display of good food!”
Nancy Wang tells the story of her mother’s life.

It is this kind of inspiration that is at the heart of why we hold the salons.  Thank you to all the artists, past, present (and future) and the community that comes out to support them.  Speaking of “future” – in a few weeks the Apr. 10 Salon You’re ON! is slated for another line up of fantastic theater, choral music, film making, visual art and storytelling.

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