Dear Friends,

It’s Springtime 2010! The Earth is waking up and creativity is abundant everywhere we look! New fragrances, vibrant colors, and green, green, green! Those and Eth-Noh-News, Spring 2010.

38 Mom in Wheel Chair_cropped-facesSpeaking of abundant creativity, Nancy was recently commissioned by Stories to write the story of her mother and the first three generations that preceded her. “Bittersweet” took seven months of research, readings, rewriting, and more rewriting until it met the Just Stories’ concert and commissioned requirement of 35-40 minutes. This was so hard, especially since it started as a 75-minute piece. The process was like painfully cutting off one finger at a time! Talk about ‘bittersweet’!

23 Camel Ride_cropped-facePremiered in Chicago this spring, “Bittersweet” was a success. The presentation revealed some real and necessary history of Chinese Americans since 1850, and their tribulations and contributions. Audience members were inspired to talk with their moms, get to know them as the amazing women they are despite mother-child strains and the past.

Robert is renewing his own stories of his grandparents and parents and, as a matter of fact, we have pledged to write 12 new stories this spring through summer.

With our gigs down 70%, due to the economy, we will have time!

We are also keeping the arts alive through:

  • GAPA 2 April Salon Crowd 3 Salons: We’re producing our fifth year of monthly salons in our space, nine salons each year. We offer artists a small payment along with a free venue and the opportunity to perform in front of an intimate, live audience. With five performing artists or groups each salon, we all get to witness the continuing creativity that abounds in our Bay Area. The artists and audience also dialogue at the end of each program. The essence of ‘what is community’ thrives each month!
  • Green Project: The planning pilot of our “Green Grows the Story” project is done! Five wonderful teachers and one librarian helped us realize the project with their extensive experience and keen passion for the environment and for their students. Funded by the S.F. Arts Commission, we performed for their schools and dialogued with their kids. Yes, kids want to help! They only need the structure and opportunity. Our next goal: grants to go into the schools and deliver the full project that includes climate change projects for home and community, and telling their stories. Yeah for young activists for the environment! See our newsletter for a fun contest!
  • Marketing: We’re improving our marketing to capture some of what little money there is for hiring artists. We’re Blogging! We’re on Twitter! We’re on Facebook! We’re sending out postcards and email blasts! We’re reaching out in many directions to connect with event producers and audiences.
  • Nu Wa Gems - 114

  • Branding: We’ve been videoing audience members after our performances to document our audience’s understanding of storytelling, the impact our performances make, and what experience they take away. It’s been great! If you have ideas for a tagline, enter our contests!
  • China Journey: We’ll be leading our fourth trip to China to share our cultures, and especially our stories. It’s an experience that will fill your heart! Join us September 10-26, 2010!

You can read more about our projects and view photos in our Spring 2010 Eth-Noh-News and take part in our contests for prizes! Read the latest news now.

Please help us get through the economic difficulties with a generous contribution. Thanks to an NEA Recovery Act grant, a percentage of our costs have been covered, but this support ends June 30. With your help, we’ll fulfill our important projects and continue our good work. Let us hear from you!

Peace and Blessings always,

Nancy & Robert

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