Eth-Noh-Tec in collaboration with Philippine American Writers Association present:

Salon! You’re On!

Saturday, June 5, 2010 at 7:00pm


Sean San Jose (playwright)
Co-founder of Campo Santo and Program Director of Theater at Intersection for the Arts, with Ricky Saenz (actor)

Aileen Ibardaloza (poet)
Author of “Traje de Boda” (Meritage Press, St. Helena and San Francisco, 2010) Other work appears in Our Own Voice Literary Ezine, Mannerborn, and Litter Magazine.

Al Manalo (comedian/actor)
No, not a synchronized swimmer, not just a Tagalog-to-English soap opera dubmaster. But, yes! A Pinoy comedian.

Kulintronica/Ron Quesada (musician)
A fusion of traditional kulintang and electronic music by a mixed-heritage Filipino-American obsessed with crossing musical borders.

Nara Denning (filmmaker)
Influenced by German Expressionism and early Surrealists, Nara breathes new life into video “cinepoém,” fusing poetry and motion picture into the future.

Eth-Noh-Tec Studio
977 South Van Ness Ave
between 20th and 21st Street
close to 24th Street BART Station
San Francisco

$5-$15 sliding scale

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