Tuesday, June 8
6:00pm potluck
7:00pm performance

Eth-Noh-Tec Studio
977 South Van Ness Ave
between 20th and 21st Street
close to 24th Street BART Station
San Francisco

Join Us for a Meet & Greet and a Potluck Meal!

Verena Tay, visiting artist from Singapore will be presenting a potpourri of her work, storytelling, writings and excerpts from plays this coming Tuesday night, June 8. Several years ago, Eth-Noh-Tec attended the Singaporean International Storytelling Festival and met this wonderful community of storytellers, among them was Verena Tay. She’ll be visiting the States for several weeks and to welcome her (her special interests in Asian American culture) she’d like to meet the storytellers, authors, writers, playwrights and poets of the community. If any of you have ever been to Singapore you know that it is an amazing “masala”/ mix of East and West, Muslim, Hindu, Chinese, English, Malay- a polyethnic crucible in set in a Pan-Asian world. The creativity that comes out of this, is both exciting and so familiar- So similar to the bi-cultural, or multi-cultural overtones that we, as Asian Americans, have been blending and experimenting with in our own creative alchemy on this side of the planet.

Please come, bring a dish, and enjoy her excerpts and performances of selected stories. The potluck starts at 6pm, followed by a 7pm presentation. This will be a very exciting gathering and hope you can come.

Hope to see you!

Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo & Nancy Wang

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