Hello everyone!

Nancy came up to Orcas Island early in May to start the garden. By the time I joined her in June the seedlings were now well sprouted and on their way to looking great. Lots of planning, digging, and planting, even hiring extra hands. It was a lesson in getting-back-to-the-earth, episodes with a mysterious, two-legged, deer fence saboteur and munching deers, and plenty of veggies to eat. Special thanks to daughter Xiani and boyfriend Wes for digging, rock arranging, and, oh yes… spotting that rascal deer!

‎”What can we do about Global Climate change?” we asked ourselves? We answered: “Get ‘personal’ with going ‘Green’ ” . We started a garden to gain first hand experience with amazing world of food growing. Growing and eating healthy veggies, working in the dirt, listening to the farmers, gardeners, of the community, learning to grow our own food… all part of lowering the carbon footprint. We have a greater appreciation for all the hundreds of thousands of people it takes bring food to us all. “As I held the clump of dirt and seedling in my hand- I could feel overwhelming emotions in me: gratitude, awe, respect for the miracle of the life in seeds, the dirt, the sun and water”. Learning to plant and nurture life-giving food is a political act for peace. I HIGHLY recommend getting involved in food growing at whatever level you can (support organic farmers, eat organic food, grow veggies, reduce or eliminate animal protein consumption, support local farmers)

We’ll be back in urban SF in a week with fond memories of dirt! Green Grows the garden!

R & N

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