Getting Out There in China

Nu Wa China Storytelling and Cultural Exchange has launched! And once again, it’s a wonderful group of diverse Americans!

Tea Time & More

We went to a Tea House today and saw some amazing performances – magic with live fish appearing on the end of fishing poles, in bowls and more; storyteller using song and drum; repartee – like a stand up comedy routine (and one of the guys was really handsome!); tea ceremony and dance; an amazing balancing act using these large porcelain jugs and a large garden planter pots thrown up in the air and caught on shoulders, his head, rolled from arm to arm, tossed from fist to fist and so much more; shadow puppet story; and the most fascinating was the face pushing or face smear – the instantaneous changing of masks with dance/opera movements. If you haven’t seen the Chinese movie “King of Masks” – definitely check it out and you’ll know what we saw.

On the Square

Also walked around Tiananmen Square replete now with 2 gigantic digital screens with scenery and dances from throughout China, along with this majestic music that makes one?s experience of the square bigger than life – like you’re in a movie!

The Cuisine is Mean!

Of course the meals have been plentiful with at least eight different dishes, quite different than all our other tours. Less Americanized. Well, we have had sweet and sour chicken at lunch and dinner today. One tour it was kung pao chicken every day. But tree ear fungus? Tea eggs? This is exotic for westerners. First day and we’re already too full!

Exhausted after walking, eating and in 90 degree weather, everyone has gone to bed early.

Us, too. Goodnite from China!

Nancy and Robert

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  1. Certainly sounds like you guys are getting the Chinese “Real McCoys”! What a great artistic and cultural learning and exchange experience you are on!

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