Fall/Winter 2010

Dear Friends and Family ~

Greetings from Eth-Noh-Tec! Hard to believe 2010 is in its last months! Though times are tough, we’ve had some exciting projects since our May newsletter:

• In alliance with our Green Grows the Story project, we built and planted an organic vegetable garden (puff! puff!) to help support no pesticides and no cargo-ing in veggies from afar, and then shared the amazing bounty with neighbors.

• We researched, wrote, scripted, choreographed and rehearsed 5 new folktales. We got a $1500 Zellerbach Family Foundation grant to create 12 new pieces!

• We performed at the International Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tenn. and presented those 5 new pieces as well as Nancy’s mother piece commissioned by Race Bridges to a standing ovation, Robert’s mom’s immigration piece, and of course some of our favorite standards! And Robert brought his electric piano to sing some songs on stage like his ‘Do You Want a Cookie – Yeah Yeah Yeah!!” 1000 people sang with us!

• We’re back from China! So many changes are taking place – both in the big city of Beijing and the small rural storytelling village of Gengcun. Elder storytellers there are passing away with their stories. So much is needed to keep this tradition alive and thriving. Check out our blog entries for our China Journey.

• We continue our ‘Salon! You’re On!’ series – supporting artists and making art economically available to the Bay area. Always heartfelt and enlightening.

• ENT has written grants for Green Grows the Story in the schools, for a Marketing Strategist to help create new ways to attract gigs, and for Nancy’s 1850 immigration piece for production. Cross your fingers! If awarded, they don’t usually fully fund, but it would be a great start! We’ll need your help, too!

• With gigs down 70%, we’ve had to half the office hours for our Office Manager. We will spend our time outreaching for gigs, writing new stories, and at last a book! Down time can be a blessing to do things you’ve wanted to do for a long time! Glass half full!

Please check out our online newsletter. You can read some Chinese stories and more about the above. If you need, we can send you a paper copy.

And please, find a way to help us continue through a donation. We need to raise money for 1) our Green Grows environmental/activism project in the schools – each school will cost about $10,000 to deliver the full program, 2) to help us find a way to reach out effectively for gigs, and 3) as immigration is a very important and hot issue right now, art is a great way to respond.

Thank you! Help us deliver our important programs on the environment, immigration, better global understanding between all peoples, and more!


Robert & Nancy

…and the Board of Directors of Eth-Noh-Tec

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