Hello all! It’s At the Moment- a brief moment at almost midnight after a full day of the touring artists.

Yes- tis the season of Taxi rides to airports, long cross country flights, car rentals and entering data in a GPS, finding where the next performance will take place…. these are the traveling trials and tribulations of a transcontinental touring teller. Finished up a short week with a couple of schools in the Boston area, then off to Washington DC with a weeks worth of daily school shows. Today I performed at Beverly Farms School in Potomac. I was impressed to see such a varied ethnic mix of students there, actually a high population of Asian Americans. Most likely the reason why they brought me onto their stage. It’s Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month. I performed several folk tales and myths for the primary grades. “Starry Snowballs” is the title of this Year-of-the-Rabbit tale I’ve been telling this season in this Rabbit Year 4079. I’ve also included the Jataka tale of Rabbit in the Moon, as it’s Pan-Asian message, the need for compassion to shine down on the world is becoming more urgent than ever. It’s such a joy to see the eyes and ears perk up by children when they hear the very mention of their ancestral root cultures. “How many of you have heard of China?… India? Japan… ” the eager Asian hands shoot up in the air with excitement. After each show, after getting back to my hotel or guest room where I’m staying the work is never done. Then, I set about handling all the other web-based, email driven projects. Sometimes on tour- I don’t have access to WiFi environments so I have to rely on good ol’ fashion scribbling on notes. Depicted here is a shot of my in-flight pull-down desk… with all my notes of things to remember, projects to move forward, calls to make. Busy boy! No- that’s not a martini in my cup…. that’s cranberry juice! Fuel up! Write on! Write on!

Words from Raconteur Road Warrior Robert
(on solo tour, just half of Eth-Noh-Tec).


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