Eth-Noh-Tec is grateful for all our friends who responded so generously to our fundraising effort, who are our giving volunteers, and for those who support our programs. Your belief in our mission and faith in our work has warmed our hearts. We have been able to pay for this month’s office expenses and next month’s rent! Thank you, thank you, thank you for kindness in our world.

In preparation for Thanksgiving, we asked “What are you thankful for?” The outpouring of responses has been truly inspiring.

I am thankful for being an artist in the USA and being part of a community of inspiring, caring, outspoken, creative people.
—Beth Grossman

I am thankful for the freedom and ability to make my own choices.
—Dianna Waite

How can one quantify the joy that this life offers? Have found that with every passing year, I grow more thankful for the earth beneath our feet, the people whose lives twine with mine, the opportunities to explore and celebrate, and mocha chip ice cream.
—Judith Black

Last weekend I played a hard cello piece I’ve been working on for many years in a casual concert, for friends. I messed up a little. I went to class on Monday and played the new piece the teacher handed us. I wasn’t happy with my solo. The teacher said “good!” to each of us. Then I remembered: the first thing to tell yourself after you’ve performed anything—“THANK YOU!”

remember remember remember to say Thank you!

—Gael Alcock

I’m thankful for your business thru the years! I have really enjoyed
working for you and wish you the very best.
—David Ehmig

Gosh, I’m grateful for a lot of things. In no particular order: A good job. My union (the major reason it’s a good job). A good home. My neighbors (including really cool next door neighbors who host performance salons in their attic). My family, all four generations. My friends, including my boyfriend. My spirtual communities. Living in a free country where I get to participate in more than one spiritual community without having to choose just one, or having the choice made for me by the government. The energy and intelligence of political activists who are trying to create a better world for all of us. The wonders of the night sky, and the friendship of fellow stargazers. The natural beauty of California, from the ocean shore to the mountains. All the music, theatre, etc. available to us in San Francisco. Good food, and the labor of the people who grow the food I eat. And on and on. I’m grateful for the opportunity to reflect on gratitude.
—Anthony Barreiro

I’m thankful that old Doris, on her death-bed,
told her daughter, “they’d be good people to have in this house”.

I’m thankful for a strong back.

I’m thankful for having a sense of humor and somebody who shares it.

I’m thankful for a roof that is water-tight.

I’m thankful for the abiding consistent support my parents give me.

I’m thankful for a wife who wakes up happy.

I’m thankful the wall board guys will be done soon.

—Jeffrey L. Gere

I am thankful for life, my life just as it is. I am thankful for the sun, and laughter in my life. I am thankful for challenges, and very very grateful for breathing every day.
—Susana Rivero Salas

I am grateful to be alive and breathe and create!

I am grateful for the people in my life, and for you two who hold the torch!

—Mindy Donner

After a roll over accident, which destroyed the car my daughter and I were in, I am most grateful for life! Amazingly neither of us were hurt.
—Yvonne Young

I am thankful for those who love and appreciate me.
—Kathy Hunter

I’m thankful for all the friends I have met all over the world. I schedule a trip to see the sights, but I come home with warm memories of the people I have met.
—Suzanne Miller

I am Thankful for my health and the heath of my children. I am also thankful that they are self confident, compassionate and intelligent young people.

I am Thankful for a wonderful cozy home and a yard I can relax in and drink tea.

I am Thankful for the fact that I enjoy all the ways I make money through my job as a teacher and as an artist.

I am Thankful for the love I have from family, friends and community.

—Muriel Johnson

I came in from a long walk this morning aware of things for which to be thankful.

It was such a beautiful morning…the sun was shining and the mountians were so clearly in view. Along the way some tress were golden colors and other were green with tall palms stretching above all. All different and lovely just as we humans are different but beauty in our own way. I am so greatful that at 87 I can walk miles up hill or downhill and enjoy this beautiful world. What joy to feel the energy from the earth, trees, grass and the air around. I am so grateful for the people who have helped me along the way…there have been some in little ways and others in major ways. I am grateful for the man with whom I have worked for over thirty years and shows me the way to maintain my health. Today in my session I did movements with eight to twenty-five pound sandbells. I am so blessed. If you do not know about sandbells look them up for they are great. Kettlebells and iron clubs are not good for me to use but the weight and strength I can get from sandbells and not hurt myself.

I was going to make this short but when it comes to thankfulness like this morning I am filled. I am also grateful for people like you who awaken us to the beauty of life and the Source.

—Wanna Zinsmaster

I am so very, very thankful for the Occupy Wall Street movement and all of its offspring throughout the United States and even in numerous other countries. May the 99% continue to rise up in its own interests!
—Kathleen O’Nan

I am grateful for so much in my life; my childre/family, pets, home, health, garden/mini farm, creativity and expression, friends, food for the table and
heat for my home. Every day is Thanksgiving…it is nice to remember, count my blessings and say a heartfelt “thanks!”.
—Midge Kirk

I am thankful for a job I enjoy, a home that is a refuge, family and friends that support my “adventures,” and all my lovely cats.
—Elly Reidy

I am grateful every day that my experience in China with the Nu Wa and Gengcun Tellers continues to shape my life as a teller. Thank you Nu Wa, thank you Gengcun!
—Kelvin Saxton

I am thankful for friends who are family (like you!) and family who are friends. I am also thankful for my 92-year-old mother who now lives with us after my beloved sister Alyce’s passing.
—Leeny Del Seamonds

We’re thankful for having Nancy and Robert in our lives.
—Molly and Brian McKenzie

Ethnotec and stories, Health, Warm Home, Good husband, Alive Parents Friends, music and dance, Granddaughters and their parents, UULiC, retirement with funds, excellant medical coverage.
—Caroll Dickinson

I can only paraphrase the lines of Miss Kathryn’s epitaph, ‘She was twice blessed: She was happy; She knew it.’

The secret to contentment is to be continuously aware of and thankful for your blessings: a wonderful marriage, a satisfying career, loving family and friends…

I am twice blessed: I am happy; I know it.

—Sherry Norfolk

I am grateful for my life and my body, my mind and my spirit, for all my abilities and sensations, for my ongoing inner happiness and joy because it colors every aspect of my experience on earth.

I am grateful for my husband, Bob, because he is the man of my dreams and I got to meet him while I was wide awake. I have enjoyed this journey of life with him as my partner for the past 23 years! May the next 23 be just as wonderful.

I am grateful for my daughter Emily, who showed me how to play every day and to live life to the fullest, even when life is complete in just five and a half years.

I am grateful for my son, Thomas, who showed me power in the meaning of existence, without even taking one breath, and how it can open a community to love and connection in a way I had never witnessed.

I am grateful for my son, Timothy, who has remained here on Earth for fourteen years and who gives me the chance to do something I have always wanted to do: be a mom.

I am grateful to my mom and dad(s) because they brought me here to the Earth and raised me with so many amazing experiences.

I am thankful for my sister, Carol, because I got to be a big sister and got to experience our family life growing up.

I am so grateful for my friends, too many to mention right now, because each one is a reflection of me and they help me to know myself more and more each day. I am grateful for the power of story and how it shows up as a healing and as a connection from heart to heart with each relationship I have.

I am grateful for this beautiful home we live in because it offers more than shelter. It provides a warm, welcoming, loving, safe place for me and my family to be re-charged.

I am grateful for nature and so thankful to be living in Oregon where there is so much to explore because it brings me “home” to my center again and offers so much nature.

I am grateful for the seasons because it reminds me of the changes within as well as around me.

I am thankful to have met each of you, Nancy and Robert, because your genuine joy and passion for your work shines so brightly that it inspired me to move and have fun in your workshops in ways I would never have imagined. You each have a way of bringing out the best in everyone and I am thankful to have witnessed that live and in person!

Thanks for asking for this list. Gratitude infuses my days and thoughts on a regular basis, almost moment to moment, but it was such a nice process to actually stop and write out some of the things I am thankful and grateful for.

There are so many more things I am grateful for. The list is truly endless, but for now I will pause and pass this on via e-mail, which I am very grateful for as well.

—Terry Jordan

I am thankful for the courage shown by all participants of the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street. They have given me a new sense of hope that positive change can happen in our world. Indeed, it must if we are going to survive.
—Barbara Fankhauser

After getting one week’s notice that I was being laid off a job I had held for 29 years, I am thankful to find a job working with children within 2.5 months!!!
—Margaret Eng

So, tell us, if you haven’t already, what are you thankful for?

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  1. I’m thankful for a second shot at saying that I’m thankful for my health, and for my children and their children, and for my darling mother and loving family and friends.  I’m thankful that for my entire career I’ve worked with creative and caring artists, many of whom have become good friends.  I am grateful for Nu Wa!

    I’m thankful that I was taught to be an appreciator and to see grace and beauty in small things and for the times when I slow down enough to actually see and appreciate.

    I’m thankful for my little house and for Michael who is putting the finishing touches on my new beautiful stairway. 

    I, too, am grateful for OWS and the occupy movements in the country and across the globe.  

    Thank you Robert and Nancy, for slowing us down for the few minutes it takes to count our blessings. Peace.
    Julie Metzler

  2. Well, if there is no word limit….

    I am grateful for a life in this beautiful place—where the
    wilderness knocks at my back door and pulls me deeper into the mountains in


    I am blessed with voices in my head that give me stories to
    tell, and appreciate the precious time I have to listen closely and write the
    stories down.


    The light in children’s eyes as they are drawn body and soul
    into a story, is priceless. What a rewarding life is Storytelling!


    Last, I am thankful for life’s endless supply of novel,
    creative and supportive friends.



     Kathy Hunter

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