Come celebrate the first of 2012…

Salon! You’re On!

Hosted and performances by:

Eth-Noh-Tec  Kinetic Story Theater

weaving ancient metaphor and myth with modern message.


Netherlight  Butoh Dance

Luku Netherthot conjures a Butoh performance that reveals the aesthetic of the grotesque, the mysterious, and the evocative…offering illuminations at the edge of darkness.

Mimi’s Makeshift Players  Theater

Eclectic actors who dare perform the kooky comedies of Mimi’s peculiar mind. There will be two one acts: “Paranoia Will Destroy Ya” and “Fear of Flying.”

Search Five  Multi-Arts

…sound textures, poetry, movement, inspiring and inviting with Arlene Biala (poet), Yuko Tamura (dancer), Masaru Koga (Asian & Western winds), Tim Volpicella (electric guitar) and Jimmy Biala (multi-percussionist).

Sonya Cotton  Singer/Songwriter

Her songs reveal a tenderness and reverence for the world…they mesmerize, intrigue and plumb the deeper corners of the soul.


Eth-Noh-Tec Studio

977 South Van Ness Ave

(between 21st & 20th Streets;

close to 24th Street BART)

San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 282-8705

Tickets at the Door

$8-$25 (sliding scale)

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