Love, love, love!

In this era it is sometimes hard to feel love when so much unloving is going on. But it’s exactly the time to make more love!! I don’t mean sex. We don’t have to worry about more of that in this world of ours!

What I mean is that we have to become more conscious of what in our lives we do love and maybe take for granted. Do I love the rain? Yes. Do I love Occupy Wall Street? Yes. Do I love that there are so many of my friends who understand the need to be green? Yes. Do I love what artists bring to our world? Yes. Do I love the hard work of the animal activists? Yes. And I love the environmental activists, the people who bring medical supplies and skills to the disenfranchised – basically I love people who care.

There are so many who need more love in this world – the homeless, the poor, maybe even those who seem bent on destroying our world. These are people filled with hate and a disdain for too much. That has to feel horrible. And, it’s hard to love them. But is that what happened to them in the first place? They didn’t get the love that would result in more love?

I want to make this world more loving. I will become more conscious and look for where I can be more loving, more kind, more compassionate, more proactive in supporting those in the field of handing out love. I will be vigilant finding where I can be and give more love in the world. And I will feed myself with love by gazing at babies, a tree, a mountain, a forest, a snowy day, warm sunshine, the ocean, a slow winding river, a blue sky, a red-orange sunset. Love is everywhere if we just look for it.

Happy Valentine’s!

Nancy Wang, Eth-Noh-Tec

What about life do I love?

I love watching the city awaken in the early morning
Quiet peace
As the night people exit
The plant life begins to stir as the sun stretches
Touching everything with its glow.

I love the smell of coffee
Listening to the flutter of birds.

I love smiles,
Warm hugs,
Moments of reflection,
Whispers of love.

I love watching babies explore.

I love seeing the glint of understanding
Appear in the eye of a listener.

I love loving and being loved right back.

What needs more love in our lives today?

We need to love ourselves and the earth we live on.
We need to appreciate each other and not accept mistreatment from someone who profess to love us
Yet show us something different by their actions.
We need to show more love to the spaces we occupy the most.

How will I implement this love?

Smile, Smile, Smile!
We never know when our smile is the one that the person nearest needs to continue.

I recycle because I believe it is important to the survival of the earth.

I keep a ‘green’ bag in the car to limit my use of plastic. Hopefully, I’ll get better and better at this so that I can eliminate it.

I must hug more, especially at home. Sometimes we neglect home because we think more positive thought than we actually say. Home needs the words like everyone else.

I smile and bless people wether they reciprocate or not. As I mentioned earlier, we never know when our smile is the one needed.

I love you Eth-Noh-Tec. You bring smiles to many. Your spirits are so uplifting. Thanks for sharing love with all you come into contact with.

Peace and Blessings,
D. Kucha Brownlee

What about life do you love?

I love life itself for it provides me with substance, depth and expression to be me.
I am able to take the breath of joy, excitement and anticipation for my moment.
That’s what I love about life.

What do you think needs more love in our lives today?

I think what needs more love is our ability to love ourselves first. It is my belief that if you don’t love yourself first, no one else will either. Always remember you are the reflection in the mirror that needs love more. Give it to you and you can give it to others.

How will you implement this love?

I will implement this love by loving me first and then I can truly express my best with others. Always try to remember love is like breath if you don’t have it you won’t be here to give it.

When you impart with love and you will ignite a flame of infectious positive well intended warm on others. Love on!

– Tony Brown

Hot Shark: a love poem

the chinese in her wanted to suck him in
scalding hot shark fin soup
burnt tongue a blessing
deep slurps an homage
to the chef of all things romance, desire, hurt

starts, fits, starts again
he surprised her
he moved her from a hard place
into liquid fire

hot soup is good when it is too cold to
think of other things
she drinks him in
deep as she dares
this man-soup slurps back
he suckles her mouth

her tongue is burning but she doesn’t care
she wants as much as her belly will hold

he knows he has her
in a three point lock:
1. his shark teeth chewing through her words
they both smell blood in the water
and it excites them
2. he asked her to take him slowly (it is a school night)
3. people talk about wanting companionship, connection, community, but they forget to say love

he leaves a mark
but not the one he’d thought to

chinese-style, soup is just
the first course
and she plans to eat a banquet

– Wei Ming Dariotis

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  1. …and I love you, Nancy & Robert, the way you think, move, speak what you create, the gift of yourselves you give to friends and strangers.  The planet is richer for your presence.  Virginia E.

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