Schools, libraries, community centers and theater throughout the islands will enjoy the storytelling of our stories this Fall. So far the dynamic duo is slated for over 20 performances some of which will include our Asian ghost stories right in time for Halloween. If anyone has friends, families or colleagues in Hawaii, be sure to let them know that Eth-Noh-Tec will on a local stage in their neighborhood!

There are a few open time slots if you know of any schools or organizations that want our performance. Contact us immediately!

Oct 14-15: arrival, and culture/climate shock adjustment!
Oct 16: Punahou School, Honolulu, Oahu; 1:30 pm
Oct 16: Aina Haina Library; Honolulu, Oahu; 6:30 pm
Oct 17: Kaneohe Library, Kaneohe, Oahu; 6:30 pm
Oct 18: Kailua Library, Kailua, Oahu; 6:30 pm
Oct 19: Talk Story Theater, McCoy Pavillion, Honolulu, Oahu; 6:20 pm (Robert’s solo) & 8:00 pm
Oct 20: Talk Story Theater, McCoy Pavillion, Honolulu, Oahu; 7:00 pm (Nancy’s solo) & 8:40 pm
Oct 21: Koele Lodge, Lanai; 3:00 pm
Oct 22: Makawao Library, Maui; 6:30 pm
Oct 23: Maui Arts and Cultural Center, Maui; 9:00 am & 10:00 am
Oct 24: Molokai Library, Molokai; 3:00 pm
Oct 25: Kahuku Library, Kahuku, Honolulu, Oahu; 10:00 am
Oct 25: Aiea Library, Aiea, Oahu; 2:30 pm
Oct 25: S.W. King School, Honolulu, Oahu; 5:30 pm
Oct 26: Kapolei Library, Kapolei, Oahu; 10:30 am
Oct 26: McCully-Molili Library, Honolulu, Oahu; 3:00 pm
Oct 27: Orvis Hall, University of Hawaii Manoa, Honolulu, Oahu; 7:30 pm
Oct 28- 30: break
Oct 31: private evening party, Kauai
Nov 1: Princeville Library, Princeville, Kauai; 10:30 am
Nov 2: Hale Kula School, Wahiawa, Oahu (Robert’s solo workshop and show); 1:00 pm
Nov 3-4: break
Nov 5: return to SF
– – – –
SF Bay Area Performances:
Sept 30: UC Berkeley’s Fall Free For All; Eth-Noh-Tec will be at Wheeler Hall; 1:00 pm
Nov 13: Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga; 9:30 & 11:30 am

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