The Red Altar Project: Stories of Immigration, Migrations and Journeys – is a visual and performance art celebration of our stories towards a diverse society. This project welcomes not only Americans who are from an immigrant status, not just People of Color, but all peoples who have taken challenging journeys and risks against racism, hatred and ignorance. Through the triumph of their survival and the endeavors of their communities they have woven a stronger social fabric for us all. We believe that art created from this context will transform and enlighten all!
Red Altar is a live doc-drama, multi-media storytelling performance from Nancy Wang and Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo of Eth-Noh-Tec. It is about 6 teens that crossed the ocean from China, crashed in the Carmel Bay of California and starting the fishing industry in the Monterey Bay area in 1850.

With courage, perseverance and ingenuity, they put down roots despite the anti-Chinese legislation and violence that spanned over 1/2 a century in America.

Played to standing ovations, this piece has garnered the following responses:

“Last night the RED ALTAR was magnificent, provocative and important storytelling. Eth-Noh-Tec’s dramatization of a very personal Asian history becomes as relevant, universal, painful and vital as todays headlines.

Masterful performances by Nancy Wang and Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo and brilliant sound and visual projections combine with unyielding historic fact to create an evening that is as remarkable as it is significant.” – Ron Coulter, performing artist

“T’was truly extraordinary performance… redefining the term, “political theater”, and definitely moving the needle on the immigration issue and my understanding of some of the disgraceful aspects of our nation’s history.

…amazing combination of lighting, movement, narrative, personal and cultural history, imagery, expression, and musicianship…” – Fred Klein, poet and architect

RED ALTAR: MULTI-MEDIA STORYTELLING THEATER (Sat. MAY 23 9:00 pm & Sun. May 24 2:30 pm)

Red Altar Postcard FRONT
1850.  A Chinese junk boat crashes into the Carmel Bay. Six teenagers are flung overboard and are rescued by Rumsean-Esselen natives.

With today’s rallying cries against immigrants, Red Altar, written and performed by award-winning storytellers Nancy Wang and Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo, demonstrates and celebrates the contributions of three generations and three fishing villages of Chinese immigrants who start the fishing industry in the Monterey Bay area despite anti-Chinese violence, both legal and illegal.

With cries of ‘Chinese must go!’ , media propaganda with racist caricatures, legal discrimination laws, and “ethnic cleansing”, these courageous ancestors persevered until seven generations later, their story is being told.

Bringing those times alive through the exciting art of Eth-Noh-Tec’s storytelling movement and music theater, it is augmented by multi-media designed by video/ image artists Olivia Ting and Don Nguyen.

GALLERY OF IMMIGRATITUDE (Sat. MAY 23 8:30 pm & Sun. May 24 2:00 pm)
The Gallery of Immigratitude, a photo exhibit in the lobby and a panel discussion of issues and challenges surrounding immigration will round out this important production that helps to elucidate that America has always been and still is a diverse immigrant country of rich heritages.

JIAO LEI! LET’S GO!:ARTMAKING & STORYTELLING HONORING IMMIGRATION and MIGRATIONS (Saturday, APR 25, 2-6pm): Bring along a copy of an ancestral family photo if you’d like for cutting up and creative collage work! We’ll supply the rest. Also be thinking about the “gratitude” for the captions and quotes in the portrait photo stations. And of course… bring a SMILE!

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