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Salon! You’re On! is a monthly cultural event of performance, literature, and visual arts that is cross disciplinary, cross cultural and intergenerational. It includes both the presentation of the arts and a creative conversation with the creators of art, who they are, why they do what they do, and the communities they serve. The purpose of the salon is to act as a synergy between the artists and audience members often exposing each other to otherwise unexplored genres and communities. The goal is to show the richness of the cultural and creative diversity of SF Bay Area, but to cross-pollinate ideas, creative processes, and find common ground between artist of very divergent backgrounds.

Cultural Cross-Pollination:

Poets are inspired by songwriters, actors moved by painters, film makers touched by storytellers and each of their audiences that specifically come interested in one form discover inspiration from another. Always the performances are superb, the post-performance conversation stimulating and the interaction between the emerging artists and masters insightful. The result is a very garden, rich and diverse, roster of talent.


The intergenerational audience, Millennium, Gen X-ers, Baby Boomers… all brought together to share a common ground, experiencing “live art” as community. The celebration of global cultures: Okinawan and Balinese dancers, a Hawaiian chorus, Tuvan throat singers, taiko drummers, Latino and Filipino American poets, and storytellers representing Euro-, Afro-, Asian- and Native American lore…all grace the stage as community.

The Salon! You’re On! series, now in it’s 8th season and is looking forward to further deepening and expanding its roots with outreach to other artists and cultural organizations. If you wish to be a part of this event ether as performer or in the audience visit the website for current schedule on the calendar.

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Volunteers & Interns

Are you looking for first-hand experience as part of an exciting performing arts non-profit organization? For over seven years, Eth-Noh-Tec has worked with students and volunteers from all over the country. Eth-Noh-Tec offers a limited number of positions for anyone wishing to expand their involvement in the community and the arts.


Eth-Noh-Tec’s generous volunteers keep the organization running. From administrative assistance to selling drinks at performances, our volunteers are a blessing. If you would like to help out in any way, please call (415) 282-8705 or fill out our volunteer contact form.


Interns arrive with a variety of interests, experiences and educational backgrounds, having a common desire to explore the business and creative aspects of our company. Originally a summer-only program, internship opportunities are now available year round with several focused positions.

Eth-Noh-Tec believes a great internship experience depends on the mutual compatibility between the intern and our organization. Each experience is tailored to the individual to utilize their unique skills and develop personal talents.

If you are interested in an internship at Eth-Noh-Tec, please call (415) 282-8705 or email your resume and cover letter to

Our Audience

ENT Audience

Eth-Noh-Tec tells the stories and when the clapping finally stops, the people’s voices can be heard:

A Korean American teacher in Maumee, Ohio: “It brought back such wonderful memories! I remember that story! My grandmother used to tell me that one!

In Salina, Kansas, a woman tells the storytellers: “You were our family’s favorite performers at the Smokey Hill River Festival.

A boy in Ketchikan Alaska hears a Filipino folk tale and with pride says: “Hey, I’m Filipino! I know how to count to seven in Tagalog!

In Timpanogos, Utah, a woman writes a note: “Thank you deeply for sharing Takashi’s Dream with us…My heart was touched as I thought of the far-reaching trials of the Atom Bomb…The evil effects rippling on and on. Thank you, too, for voicing Humanity’s CRY – STOP THIS MADNESS!

Beaumont, Texas children hear a Vietnamese tale told on stage. The Vietnamese children in the crowd light up and smile.

Eth-Noh-Tec Tells the Stories
The People’s Voices Follow…

ENT Audience

From schools to universities, theater series to festivals, add some museums, conferences, a public access radio or TV show, you’ll find our audiences are diverse and at the same time, unified – stretching between and beyond the shores of our Nation. Our audiences span all the generations and beyond time as they reach deep within their imaginations, reaching with love for their own creative power. Welcome to these shores of storytelling where the Human Spirit awakens!

People who love stories, who have listened, laughed and loved Eth-Noh-Tec’s humor, wit, and wisdom have this to say about Eth-Noh-Tec:

You brought joy, joy, joy into our hearts and souls. We are so glad you came to tell your stories.
Onawumi Jean Moss, Storyteller/Founder/Director, Keepers of the Word Storytelling Festival, Amherst, MA

I knew you would be an asset – even before 9/11 – to our work. As it happened, your stories became a life-line back into our humanity – a balance to the terrifying impulses toward violence that swirl around us. You are a blessing.
Laurie Lieber, Partnership for the Public’s Health Conference Director

Am inspired to write because on a recent walk, I saw images of scarlet and violet with graceful movement, lovely music, amazing expression and exquisite synchronicity. Of course it was you – and I found myself smiling.
Corrine Stavish, storyteller

You bring such dignity and craft to the telling of tales. Every gesture, vocal nuance and musical tone etched an unforgettable image in the mind of listeners. Your work is a treat for the eye as well as the ear. It is a joy to watch you work so closely together, weaving sound and motion at an intricate and masterful level.
Heather Forest, storyteller, producer of Huntington Summer Arts Festival

They have the ability to convey with warm authenticity, high drama and high comedy, and a visually arresting style, a culture very different from our own.
Glenn Morrow, editor LANES newsletter

We saw you at the National Storytelling Festival…GREAT PURE THEATRE! Thank you for your creative insight and power.
Dr. and Mrs. Fischer

You’re one of the best things about this City!
Laura Jo Neer

…it was a joy and pleasure to watch you perform. I’m always in awe.
Judy Sima, Storyteller, Detroit. MI

How heart-lifting it was to see the two of you at Jonesboro….The energy and spirit just rolled in waves off the platform, washing everyone with light and laughter! What a joy! It filled me…
Dovie Thomason, Storyteller

“…good to see you two in performance…You’re doing some lovely dancing in the frontier between theatre and storytelling.
Joseph Sobel, Storyteller and Educator

The vivid ways in which they physicalize the images of their tales is highly imaginative- in turn amusing, surprising and beautiful. The seeming ease of their cooperation belies the taut discipline required for their precise timing. It is elegantly stunning, telling us something important– beyond the words of the stories– about what it is to be human.
Pam Hollenbeck, Storyteller

I wish you’d come back every week to tell us stories!
Bobby, 3rd grade student

I want to grow up to be storytellers just like you.
Angie, 5th grade student