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Eth-Noh-Tec’s Seattle Show Last Night

We’re almost finished with our creative retreat this month. Hopefully we’ll keep the momentum up and continue creating new works. Last night, took a break from our writing and illustrating and drove down to perform in Seattle at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center. It was an evening of our favorite Asian Ghost Stories. Since it’s been a while since we’ve performed them we rehearsed a bit (mostly rememorizing old scripts) and through it into the Eth-Noh-Tec mix: movement theater, interlocking dialogue and lots of audience participation.

Besides doing some of our standard duet ghosts stories “New Ghost” and “Dirtball” (both Chinese tales) we did a few of our solo stories as well. Nancy performed “Silk Worm”, a Chinese folk tale with several renditions, this one being the darker psychological version of a young woman, a broken promise, the haunting spirit of a betrayed horse and the origin of “silk”. Robert brought out a eerie story from Tibet, “The Talking Corpse”- the tale of a journey to bring back a corpse from the land of the dead. The young protahnist is warned “do not talk to the talking corpse”. Of course since it’s a spooky tale… what do you think he did? We had several members of the audience, first timers to storytelling, quite surprized at the theatrical and artistic quality of the show, “I’d like to come to see more storytelling events”, one admirer confessed.

If any of you are in SF early next month, be sure to come to the Eth-Noh-Tec studio on Nov. 7, at 7pm. We’re launching our Salon! You’re ON! event, now in it’s FIFTH SEASON! Check out the website.

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Welcome to Our 5th Season of Salon! You’re On!

Salon! You're On! November

Eth-Noh-Tec presents San Francisco’s most eclectic blend of art, artists, and conversations with the  community that loves them!  This season, the salon series promises to illuminate the brightest creators found amongst our community.  The alchemy will be magical!: a Hawaiian choir, vocal loop artist, a fabric artist, a Brooklyn born songwriter, a public art creator, circus artists, and dozens of other painters, poets, playwrights, and storytellers.  They are here for you!  Come and enjoy their work, and engage in the post-presentation conversation about why and how they serve their community, the diverse peoples of the SF Bay Area.

Here are the artists of our very first salon this season:

Salon_20091107_Genny_LimGenny Lim (Playwright & Poet) is a native San Franciscan poet and playwright. She is the author of the award winning play, Paper Angels, performed in the U.S., Canada and China, author of two collections of poetry, a book of plays and ISLAND;  Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island, 1910-1940. Genny has been featured in poetry festivals in Naples, Italy (2009) Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina (2007) and Caracas, Venezuela (2005) Where is Tibet? is her newest multimedia performance play, which will be presented as a work-in-progress at CounterPULSE, Dec. 5-6, 2009.

Salon_20091107_Tsering_BawaTsering Dorjee (Bawa) (Musician, Dancer), born in Toe Bawa (Nyari region) in the western part of Tibet.  In 1986, he is admitted at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, Dharamsala. India. He then graduated in Tibetan music, opera and sacred/monastic dance in 1994.  He had completed his Master degree in 2000. He had also taught at the TIPA as an arts instructor. He had his credit on extensive research conducted in arts and culture.  He tour worldwide to perform Tibetan arts and acted in numerous films including the year 2000 Oscar nominated film- ‘Himalaya’.

Salon_20091107_Judy_KajiwaraJudith Kajiwara (Butoh Dancer)
has created for several decades in the SF Bay Area with such notable performances as “The Ballad of Machiko” paying homage to the Issei pioneer women of Livingston, California, where Kajiwara grew up.  Other recent performance titles such as  “AD:  The Final Fantasy” (2004) were performed for the Sacred Dance Guild Festival 2007,  Berkeley, CA.  Honor’s Kajiwara’s mother, Martha, who transitioned with Alzheimer’s Disease. The piece draws from Martha lived in a worry-free, timeless space of eternal youth and childhood in her final years and urges everyone to find whatever fantasy brings them closer to joy and spirit.

Salon_20091107_Doris_FeylingDoris Feyling (Storyteller) works as  the resident storyteller at a public school in San Francisco. She tells stories at assisted living facilities, nursery schools, and  after-school programs. She tells folktales, fairy tales, and scary stories from around the world. She is a featured teller at the “Fairy Festival”  and the “Blueberry Festival” in Maine each summer. Doris has been described as “bringing magic into the classroom. She has an infinite talent for using the spoken word to weave tales”… (Jean Robertson, principal Grattan School)

Salon_20091107_Leon_SunLeon Sun (Painter & Poet): In this whimsical collection of paintings and poems, San Francisco artist Leon Sun shares little snippets of insight and wisdom arising from life with his Siberian Husky, Nikki.  In Buddhism, dharma means universal transcendent turh, the way of all things. “Taking refuge in the dharma” means to live in truth. One pursues this way of life through study, meditation, guidance by a teacher and in engaging with a community of fellow seekers and practitioners.  My dog and I form a micro community of our own.  We teach each other things as we journey through the world.  His name is Nikki.

Saturday, November 7
5:30 pm – Special art exhibition and gallery reception
7:00 pm – Salon performances

977 South Van Ness Ave
between 20th & 21st Streets
San Francisco, CA 94110

Donation: $5-$15
New: all Alumni Salon Artists are free.

We invite you to bring a dish to share with the new artists and community.

Mark your calendar for future salons on Dec. 12, Jan 23, Feb 27, Mar. 13, Apr. 10, May 15, Jun 5.

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