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April 10, 2010 “Salon! You’re On!”

Salon Apr 10, 2010

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Reviews From Artists of The Mar. 13 Salon

Art to Heart

Last month (Mar 13) we celebrated International Women’s Month with a collaboration between AAWAA (Asian American Women’s Artists Assoc.) and Eth-Noh-Tec.  This joint salon was a wonderful evening of expressive poetry, music, storytelling, painted and projected photographic imagery and dance.  Our creative communion also inspired the guest artists as well.  By watching the other each other’s presentations, each artist was able to see new approaches to creativity, share their philosophy, and strengthen the bonds between artists.  Here are some comments, insights and thank you’s shared amongst our salon artists after seeing each others presentations.
(*the following photos were taken by Bob Hsiang)
Nancy Hom:
“Thank you for the opportunity to present my work in progress at your salon.  The intimate format made it a safe place to try out new things.  I had the chance to show some of my old work, read new poetry, and share some creative ideas I have about what it means to have “a place of my own”.  I talked about my sources of inspiration for the artwork that is to come for the ” A Place of Her Own” show.  I also did something that I would not have done in other circumstances – I actually danced in front of an audience.
The supportive atmosphere gave me the courage to express myself in all these different disciplines.  I loved presenting with my fellow women artists on stage – each of us sharing in an open and authentic way our diverse forms of creativity.  It was very empowering, and I received a lot of good feedback by the audience as well.”

Clara Hsu:
“Thank you for all your great work in presenting Salon!  You’re On!, allowing artists to share and art lovers to see, hear and taste expressive creations in your beautiful home.  I will keep an eye out for artists who may be interested in presenting at your salon, although most of my contacts are poets. Take care and until next time”

Shizue Seigel:
“Thank you. I wish I had had more time. I timed it to 13 minutes, figuring that it would run to 15. I had to cut a lot of stuff about the various barriers for women and API women to be visible, and about the money side of art, and how important it is to keep listening to your own voice, even when everybody thinks you’re wrong. And about how APIs need to work at not being xenophobic, parochial judgmental, or hiding their secrets—isolating behind a put-together exterior. this is very important, too. but I have to really think about how i can show things so that people can relate, because most APIs are much more cautious than I’ve been.  nNot sure that i’ve figured out the right balance, but  having to explore new ground with this presentation was a shot in the arm.
Thank you, Robert, for inviting us, and for sending all those wonderfully helpful emails. And for your magnificently calm and generous spirit. We’ll be out of town for the next two salons, but have pencilled in June 5 to help.  Thank you, Bob, for your kind and caring spirit and unobtrusive support. i hope that you can see what a true diamond you are. And thank you, Ben, for making me remember to laugh.”
Nancy Wang:
“As always, I find working with women a highlight of collaboration and cooperation.  Thank you for your organizational skills, your generosity, your follow through, efficiency and effectiveness.  And as well the men in our lives who support us!
Here’s what Nancy had to say about the other guest artists:
Clara, your work is breathtaking, your voice haunting, your poetry beautiful and meaningful.
Shiz – oh my!  the talent that oozes out of you!  Hearing your journey, I’m so glad you found your way because your work and your early struggles are a blessing for all of us.  And please thank Ben for his delicious apple dessert.  It pained me to put some of it in the freezer!  I wanted to eat the whole thing right then and there!  But, I’m being glad as each night I now get to eat some, prolonging the pleasure!
Nancy (Hom), I knew you were talented, but jeez!  Your art work beyond your silk screening is mind boggling.  The breadth and depth of your pieces are astonishing.  I’m so glad you’ve retired from servicing other organizations and tending to your own passion and talent.  And you danced marvelously, dah-ling!
Be well.  See you around again some time.  Thank you so much also for the lovely volunteers you brought with you (husbands, partners, friends) and of course the display of good food!”
Nancy Wang tells the story of her mother’s life.

It is this kind of inspiration that is at the heart of why we hold the salons.  Thank you to all the artists, past, present (and future) and the community that comes out to support them.  Speaking of “future” – in a few weeks the Apr. 10 Salon You’re ON! is slated for another line up of fantastic theater, choral music, film making, visual art and storytelling.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Big Vision in A Small Town Keep Dreams Alive!

March Madness!

The month of March finds Eth-Noh-Tec on tour throughout the Midwest with the first stop in Kansas City followed by engagements in Indianapolis, Indiana; Cincinnati, Ohio; Columbia Missouri, and off to the Sunshine State to attend the Story Camp in Orlando, Florida.  Robert’s solo show started off in advance of the duet performing in over 35 shows in 25 schools and libraries.  New on the stage are several new folk tales: “Tiger’s Whisker” (Korean), “How the Tiger Got His Stripes” (Vietnam), and “Double Trouble” (India).

Ever Hear of Ligonier, IN?

Over the 28 years of performing throughout the U.S. we’ve traveled to countless communities and met many an unsung heroes and heroines, people who have committed their life to bringing multicultural awareness and education to populations (both rural, suburban, and inner city) that might not otherwise get this kind of exposure.  Once in awhile, a small town like Ligonier IN appears on our radar screen, and one such heroine, like Margarita White and her organization “Celebrating Diversity Program” (CDP) emerges with glowing reviews.

Great News Going on in Small Towns!

This rural community took me a good 2 hours to drive North of Indianapolis.  When I arrived at the location of my first show at the morning I was greeted by the full bright smile on the brown skin face of Margarita White. Latina by ethnicity, home grown bicultural girl, raised in this predominantly white farm town amidst cornfields and grain silos.  Margarita works for Celebrating Diversity Program, an agency born of the Noble County Communty Foundation and whose mission is “To celebrate Diversity by offering and supporting culturally related programs and services that enrich the lives of residents of Noble County.”

Diversity, a Dream Come True

Through this mission and with the vision of creating “A community that discourages prejudice and fear by encouraging language and communication skills, fostering economic well-being and inspiring education, lifelong learning and community involvement.Margarita and an enthusiastic core of volunteers run such programs such as the Girl Power Program, translation and interpretation services for the Latino community, cultural competence workshops, scholarships, an Ethnic festival… AND bring artists like Eth-Noh-Tec (Me!) unto the stages in schools before hundreds of school students.

Friendly Volunteers!

Julie Bells (seen in the green next to Margarita White) who volunteers for CDP, between shows, gave me a personal guided tour through their sweet town.  She pointed out that, now after moving here twenty years ago, she really appreciates the caring and community spirit of this quiet town.  Then Julie asked….

“Would you like to meet the Mayor?”

After brief introductions to Chief of Police, Bryan Shearer and the Mayor of Ligonier, Patricia Fisel- I asked for an photo moment.  Mayor Fisel commented, “I have a daughter living out in the San Francisco area”… just so you know mayor, anytime you want to stop in at the Eth-Noh-Tec Studio in SF… our welcome mat is rolled out for you!  (same for you Chief Shearer!)

When we walked into the local restaurant Dan’s Restaurant I was welcomed in, sat down and treated to a great lunch- afterwhich the chef himself, “Dan” came out to greet me (Dan, the only Ethiopian, probably in the whole county): “Next time you come make sure you come on a Friday night. That’s Ethiopian Food Night.  I start making my Injera (Ethiopian sour doughed crepe) early in the morning!”

Here’s to Small Town USA, like Lignonier IN and the good spirit of Americans, who celebrate diversity and who care about creating communities that work for all people! To find out more about Celebrating Diversity visit:

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Feb 27 Salon! Saxes, Satires, Strikers, and… More

February Salon was a hit! Dan Goldensohn: Strumming and a Singing.
It was great to hear the original lyrics, the rhythmic strumming, and… yes even the audience participation prompted by Dan’s ease with the audience.  One thing for sure, his early origins with children’s songwriting, is foundation from which his rapport with the audience and brings out the young at heart no matter what age.  Mr. Goldensohn, what joy it was having you on the salon stage. We’ll definitely look forward to seeing more of you in future salons!

Kamikaze Theory: Whacky, Wily and Right on!
Sketch comedy artists of Kamikaze Theory tickled the funny bone of our crowd with quirky social-political satirical vignettes. Whether it was jabbing at racial and religious profiling, homeland security, or mocking group therapy of the trite and insane, Kamikaze Theory was a hit !  Their name, “Kami” (spirit) and “kaze” (wind) is well suited for this quick witted troupe, born of UC Berkeley’s Asian American theater group, as they brought a fresh breeze of young energy to the salon.

Work Tales with Bill Shields and excerpts from “53 Days”.
With the ad hoc enrollment of performers from the other salon artists roster, the true life experiences of hotel worker strikers came to life, giving the audience an opportunity to witness the events surrounding 53 days that the labor stood their ground during the hotel strike of 1994.

Vintage Sax Quartet.
Saxes, senitimental and sassy filled the air of the salon room with a medley of jazz standards starting off with “Blue Skies” (Irving Berlin), followed by “Ain’t Misbehavin'” (Fats Waller), adding the music of “It Don’t Mean A Thing” (Duke Ellington), and finishing with “Oblivion” (Astor Piazzolla). Their sound was rich and dynamic, bold and layered with flavorful distinctions of bass sax, tenor, baritone, and alto saxes flowing from vintage instruments from the 1920’s and 30’s.  Nostalgia abound with surround sound at Salon! You’re ON!

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3/13: Salon! You’re On!

Salon Mar 13, 2010

Eth-Noh-Tec & Asian American Women Artists Association Presents

Salon! You’re On!

March 13, 2010 at 7pm


Clara Hsu
Nancy Hom
Cynthia Tom
Shizue Seigel
Nancy Wang
of Eth-Noh-Tec

Eth-Noh-Tec Studio
977 South Van Ness Ave
Between 21st & 20th Streets
Close to 24th Street BART
San Francisco, CA 94110

Door: $5-$15 sliding scale

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