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BOOKING FEES: Fees are negotiated based on type of which program (solo, duet, ensemble, etc.), travel costs, number of shows, crowd size and organizational “fit”. For example a small library has a different size budget than a large festival or corporation. We base our prices on a “tiered” system:

$500-$2500: schools, libraries, other small organizations
$2500- $5000: larger, multi-appearance events (festivals, universities, multiple day residencies, etc.)
$6000- $15000: full evening concert (Red Altar); weeklong residency, block booking/ multi-location regional touring, corporations, etc.)

ADDITIONAL FEES MAY APPLY: roundtrip airfare, hotel, ground transportation, tolls, parking, per diem (food and lodging), technical assistant, air cargo and transportation cartage.

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS: Multi-shows in a single day, block-booking shows with other nearby organizations.


Red Altar

Docu-drama recounting the historic origin of Chinese fishing villages during the Anti-Chinese Movement of the 1880’s. This performance uses multi-media projections and live theatrical storytelling. [75-90 min]

Asian Treasure Bag

Myths and Folk Tales Come Alive on the Stage with award winning storytelling theater, performed by company co-founders, Nancy Wang and Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo.
[45 min assemblies; 2 hour concerts]

Asia FantAsia

Folk Tales, Music and a Whole Lotta Fun with solo artist: Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo, recipient of National Young Audiences’ Artist of the Year Award. [45 min assemblies]

Kids Love Kulintang

Music and Dance From the Jungles of Mindanao, Philippines. Pilandok the Trickster will cajole and entertain the crowd while demonstrating vibrant bronze gong music, embellished with folk songs, masked dance, and humor. [45 min assemblies]

Eth-Noh-Tec Ensemble

Next Gen Storytellers tell Pan-Asian Tales with movement, choral storytelling, and audience participation as performers introduce the richness of Asian folk tales set to drama.
[45 min assemblies]



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