By purchasing one of Eth-Noh-Tec’s cultural products you provide one more feather to our wings helping Project 10,000 take flight! Project 10,000 is an educational and promotional theme to honor immigration and celebrate diversity. These cultural products are storytelling and visual expressions of our philosophy that a healthy and vibrant society is one that welcomes diversity and demonstrates compassionate listening and action. Eth-Noh-Tec products can be purchased online using a PayPal account. Follow the PayPal steps and allow five business days for delivery. If you prefer to order by mail, we have an order form for you at the bottom of this page.

Gifts that Honor Immigration and Celebrate Diversity

OUR FIRST! A New Pair of Wings

A Child’s Tale of Immigration

Book Cover ZThis delightful children’s book, based on a story originally told by Delores Yngojo Kikuchi, Robert’s mother, recounts her tale of immigration to America. Young Delores finds resolve between East and West, through courage, imagination, and a little bit of myth to discover her “new pair of wings”. The book is beautifully illustrated by Brian Lei [softbound book only; 32 pages.] Book Cost: $15


… a shipwreck, a new beginning, racist mobs, an earthquake… an American story!

CD Red Altar Cover ZZ

The year is 1850.  A Chinese junk boat crashes into the Carmel Bay. Six teenagers are flung overboard and are rescued by Rumsen-Esalen natives. 

With today’s rallying cries against immigrants, Red Altar, written and performed by award-winning storytellers Nancy Wang and Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo, demonstrates and celebrates the contributions of three generations and three fishing villages of Chinese immigrants who start the fishing industry in the Monterey Bay area despite anti-Chinese violence, both legal and illegal.  

With cries of ‘Chinese must go!’, media propaganda with racist caricatures, legal discrimination laws, and ‘ethnic cleansing’, these courageous ancestors persevered until seven generations later, their story is being told on this hour long dramatic narrative and original music both by Eth-Noh-Tec.

CD Cost: $15

NEW TEES!: ImmiGratitude? YES!

Front: When did yours (ancestors) take the risk?  Back: ImmiGratitude? YES!

Front: When did yours (ancestors) take the risk? Back: ImmiGratitude? YES!

This Tee is an original design by Nancy Wang and Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo depicting the storm-tossed ship that six Chinese teens used to cross the raging Pacific Ocean to an eventual shipwreck along the Monterey Coast of California. Rescued by Rumsen-Esalen First Nations people the Chinese went on to pioneer the building a thriving fishing industry, long before the Europeans Am settlers began their decades of ethnic cleansing against the Chinese. We coined the slogan “ImmiGratitude? YES!” on the back side to honor immigrants, sojourners, travelers- of all races, whether they came to America by force or fortune, to escape famine or to seek freedom. Let us all be grateful for the richness of the diversity we’ve all created! When ordering, be sure to indicate size: S,M,L,XL, XXL Tee Shirt Cost: $25

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Eyes of the Wise

Eyes of the Wise

Featured DVD

“Eyes of the Wise”

Eth-Noh-Tec’s first DVD brings you “The Man Who Planted Onions”, “The Bird of Happiness”, “Heaven and Hell”, “Monkey Moon”, and four more Asian tales! (59 minutes)
Cost: $20

“Monkey Moon” is featured on our “Eyes of the Wise” DVD.

Fools, Frogs & Folktales

Fools, Frogs & Folktales

“Fools, Frogs, & Folktales” DVD

Eth-Noh-Tec’s newest DVD brings us a number of stories about tricksters, gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines, and even the super-natural. Some of the tales include “Pilandok’s Magic,” “Mr. and Mrs. Miser,” and “Seven Silly Fellows.” (64 minutes)
Cost: $20

Home to a Place Called Peace

Home to a Place Called Peace

“Home to a Place Called Peace” DVD

The powerful and inspiring story of one man’s journey from revenge and rage to forgiveness and peace. The DVD includes “Takashi’s Dream,” “Bird of Happiness,” Amaterasu, Sun Goddess,” and a bonus interview with Takashi Tanemori! (58 minutes)
Cost: $20


Sharing the Light

Sharing the Light

“Sharing the Light: Wisdom Tales for the New Millennium” CD

Along with folktales from the Philippines, China, Tibet and The Hmong of Cambodia, this recording features the true story of inspiring Takashi Tanemori. A hibakusha (atom bomb survivor) Tanemori had an incredible prophetic dream at age 8 while sleeping in a bomb shelter the night before the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. He is revisited by his forgotten dream 40 years later, changing his life focus from revenge to forgiveness. (68 minutes)
Cost: $16

Treasure Bag of Asian Stories

Treasure Bag of Asian Stories

“Treasure Bag of Asian Stories” CD

The stories we share with you on this CD — stories of courage, trickster tales, origin myths, and humorous tales that tickle — bring a glimpse of our rich and diverse Asian heritages, while revealing our common humanity. (60 minutes)
Cost: $16

Asian Story Bag: Tales of Terror

Asian Story Bag: Tales of Terror

“Asian Story Bag: Tales of Terror!” Cassette Tape

Everyone loves a good ghost story and every culture has them! These five stories will chill your spine with Chinese ghosts, Filipino vampires, Japanese haunts and “10,000” demons from Korea. (60 minutes)

Cost: $12

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