Our Family

Nancy and Robert

Board of Directors

The Board is a diverse group of men and women representing a variety of ethnicity, age and experience who come to offer their talents to the work of cultural activism through the Art of Storytelling.

The roles and responsibilities of the Board are many: to support our programs with active participation, raise funds, act as consultants, and make sure that as a non-profit we adhere to non-profit regulations.

Don Nguyen, President – 1982-current
Dentist in private practice and musician

Barbara Vanderborght, retired SF librarian and family program director

Kevin Xu – Lawyer

Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo – 1982-current
Co-Director, Eth-Noh-Tec

Ricardo Trimillos – 1982-current Ethnomusicologist, University of Hawaii

Nancy Wang – 1982-current Co-Director, Eth-Noh-Tec

Kay Kleinerman, Ed.D. – Voice Matters

Christine Olsson -Genentech

Kai-wen Yang MBA

Jordan Iseri

Advisory Board

P.J. Hirabayashi Co-Director, San Jose Taiko

Roy Hirabayashi Co-Director, San Jose Taiko

Bill Tamayo Attorney, EOCC

Previous Board of Directors (Archive)