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Duet Performances


“The Original Goldfinger” is featured on our “Eyes of the Wise” DVD,
available at our Eth-Noh-Tec Store.


“Asian Treasure Bag”

Together since 1982, Nancy Wang and Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo of Eth-Noh-Tec have performed stories for adults and children alike nationally and internationally. Nancy and Robert weave music, dance, rhythmic dialogue, lively facial expressions and the spoken word to inspire the imagination and to bring their stories alive. Their highly stylized and lyrical movement is often accompanied by musical instruments such as Japanese taiko drums, voice, and the ditze and shakuhachi bamboo flutes of Asia.

Eth-Noh-Tec works to bridge cultural gaps while addressing a worldwide humanity that is important to us all. They have performed for both President Clinton’s and President Obama’s Inaugurations and appeared at the Smithsonian Discovert Theater, NPR “All Things Considered” and on Public Broadcast Television. Their stories originate from countries throughout Asia, including China, Tibet, Japan, Cambodia and the Philippines. View our list of stories.

Contemporary Asian American Tales

“Takashi’s Dream”is based on the inspiring life of Takashi Tanemori, atom bomb survivor from Hiroshima. This journey piece on forgiveness begins with the prophetic and mythological-like dream of Takashi at age 8 while asleep in the bomb shelter the night before America dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima. The approximately 35 min. piece follows his life journey from Japan to America, from childhood to his adult life rife with bitterness, confusion, pain and sorrow. Not until he is jolted into remembering his dream forty years later, does the miracle of that experience change his life from bitterness and revenge to one of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Eth-Noh-Tec weaves movement, poetic voices and music to recreate a dream-like, haunted landscape that became Takashi’s life as a victim and eventually victor over the many perils that followed his life as a survivor.

For the complete, three-phase workshop, featuring Takashi’s Dream, view Project Forgive.

“Tales of Terror”

Escape to the exciting wonders of the unknown! See the unforeseeable. Thrilling fun awaits you as Eth-Noh-Tec guides your imagination through ghoulish Asian legends and myths. Produced annually in San Francisco as a Halloween production (America’s favorite holiday), “Tales of Terror” can also be a touring performance for any audience that wants to sit on the edge of their seats – either gripping their chairs or falling off laughing.

“Sharing the Light: Tales for the New Millenium”

An evening of Asian wisdom tales that will lift your heart and inspire your life with delightful and thought provoking theater. The images conjured and the words spun set us properly on our human path to journey forward.

“I was moved to tears and you brought that audience (at Jonesborough) to a standing ovation, and then you got ANOTHER one (standing ovation)! That must have been a peak experience!” -Mary Norris, Librarian

“What a wonderful combination of warmth and high artistry.” -Jay O’Callahan, Storyteller

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Solo Performances


“Blue Bird Pt. 1” is featured on our “Fools, Frogs and Folktales” DVD,
available at our Eth-Noh-Tec Store.

“Asia FantAsia!”

R_soloGreenMaster storyteller Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo of Eth-Noh-Tec delights his audience with folk tales and myths from Asia: Korea, Japan, China, Tibet, Afghanistan and other Asian cultures.

His engaging performances take his audiences of young and old on an adventure of the imagination, weaving a variety of traditional tales with music, movement and wild facial gestures to bring the characters and places to life. A few examples from his repetoire include: “Firedog” (Korea), “Rainbow Mudbabies” (Philippines), “Mr. Pepper Peel and the Parrot” (China), “The Bird of Happiness” (Tibet).

“Bamboo Jamboo”

Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo of Eth-Noh-Tec renders folktales from Southeast Asian countries like Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. His usual movement, facial expressions and animated humor is accompanied by a variety of bamboo instruments from the rainforest. Stories from this program include “The Toad is the Uncle of Heaven” (Vietnam), “Mekhala” (Cambodian), “Sieng Mieng & the King’s Appetite” (Laos).

“Kids Love Kulintang”

Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo laces his collection of Filipino stories with the music, folk dances and mask parade costume of the Southern Filipino Kulintang gong music culture. This music-focused program is complete with an interactive format, introducing fascinating stories, dances and music in a way that is sure to excite and inform audiences of several traditional indigenous performance cultures.

“Japanese Jamboree”

Folktales from Japan come alive through storytelling, theater, movement and music. Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo mesmerizes his audiences with the stories of Gods and Goddesses, spirits and sprites, good and evil, accompanied by Japanese flutes and taiko drums. Stories include “Tanuki and the Magic Fan,” “Magic Mountain Peaches” and “Urashima Taro.”

“The performer (Robert) was flawless…I would love him year after year!! A major talent in storytelling.” School Teacher

“I was going to go the office following my introduction to our show. I was going to stay for just a few minutes. 45 minutes later, I ended up staying to watch the whole show. It was so fantastic!” Peter Miller, Principal, Archer Glen Elementary, Sherwood, Oregon

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Orcas Storyfest

Eth-Noh-Tec produces the Orcas Storyfest series, bringing tellers to Orcas Island, Washington.


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“Summer Storytelling Institute”

Singapore_workshopJoin Nancy and Robert for an illuminating experience! The creative process:

Day 1: Letting the Creative Juices Flow. Using the chakra system, unleash your creative power through the release of barriers; play creatively with song, movement, theater games, painting and collage; find the intuitive storyteller that dwells within.

Day 2: Demystifying the Art. Focusing on vocalization, movement vocabulary and characterization development.

Day 3: Making it Real. Individual coaching, rehearsing, supportive feedback and a final in-house performance with guests.

“Tell It! Move It!”

This is fun filled, action packed, technique-building storytelling workshop that will get your creative juices flowing and nourish the hidden storyteller in you. Whether you are a veteran teller that wishes to explore a more physical, more dramatic approach to a new story you’re working on, or…a novice teller or teacher that wants to enter the world of storytelling and it’s use in the classroom (“How can storytelling make my language arts approach more exciting?”)…this workshop is for YOU! The workshop will explore the use of drama, rhythm and musicality, creative group play, imagination theater games and much more Do you have a favorite folk tale you wish to perform? Bring one! This workshop will give you plenty of hints and tips and techniques to move from “page to stage” (writing and creating for dramatic storytelling).

“Asian Pacific Playshop”

Play on the Southern Filipino Kulintang bronze gong instruments; dance between clapping bamboo poles wearing the malong skirt of the Southern Philippines; tie on a traditional Japanese “hachimaki” (Headband); learn a Japanese folk dance, sing a folk song, learn about culture, history, folk tales…in short have fun celebrating Asian performing arts!

What Workshop Participants are Saying

“An inspiring, fun-filled and gentle week-end. You offered us many storytelling tools and techniques, but most of all, I appreciate your sensitivity to each and everyone, making us all feel special. I love you both.”

“This was a rich learning experience for me…’Wringing out’ the demons, and summoning the godness. The caring, the power within us to tell our stories is a real service you give to others. Blessings on you for this gift.”

“I loved it! Hooray! It was an incredibly supportive, friendly, goofy, lively environment. I felt safe to speak my truth and to make ‘mistakes’. I love how R & N don’t encourage you to be mini Robert & Nancies, but to find your own unique storytelling voice.”

“The Storytelling Institute is a wonderful, healing and safe environment to test new material, be affirmed and fly! Thank you Nancy and Robert!!”

“First rate! Top of the line! A #1! Individual coaching was so helpful. The other participants were so much fun. As a novice I felt so supported and encouraged.”

“Nancy thanks again for the help you gave me with my story ‘Stormy Child.’ I showcased it recently to a small group of adults (40 people) and they loved it. Especially the ending that you suggested of turning and singing the last words with my back to the audience…they screamed!”

“You changed my life.”

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