Honoring the Legacy of Immigration

In this workshop, participants write the story of their choice in relationship to the immigrant experience or what it is like to be here in America at this time in relationship to your ethnicity and culture. You have time to write, then share your story followed by the creation of an art collage to represent your story.  Art supplies are provided, but if you have a particular memento or photo you would like to use in your artwork, please bring it.

Come prepared to learn story structure, gesture, and vocal skills through fun exercises, and to have a good time! Who was the first to immigrate in your family, when, and from where?  Why did he/she immigrate and what contributions did your ancestor make to you, your family, the community?

Except for the indigenous peoples of America, all of us in this country come from immigrant roots, whether within the last decade or hundreds of years ago.

It is so important for all of us to learn the stories of those who came before us, or to examine our own stories as well. Sharing our stories helps to break down barriers that separate us but when shared, bring us together as a community.