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Wise Women

Memories, Folk Tales & Dreams

In 'Wise Women', Eth-Noh-Tec will perform their unique style of kinetic storytelling of three stories featuring women - one Asian American personal story and two ancient Asian folktales -


that will help us look at our past,

how that past can be useful in the present

and how we can imagine our future

given the gifts we've inherited from those before us.


What has the past generation left us?

Are we repeating patterns that help or hinder?

What do we need to create the future we want?

Stories are a powerful medium with which

to go deep and take us into another space.

Stories can reach into our souls and

help us learn about ourselves and about our world.

Stories help us discover life's big and small gifts

we might have overlooked.

Our stories will enlighten and engage hearts

and minds to encourage new insights.


The United States of Asian America Festival: "Generations of Power" proudly presents Eth-Noh-Tec's "Wise Women".  This ONE NIGHT ONLY (June 4, 5pm) virtual performance will be available by clicking here:  

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