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School Assemblies

Asia FantAsia

Folk Tales Music and Whole Lotta Fun!

Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo, presents his solo show to enthrall his listeners with Pan-Asian folk tales from China, India, Philippines, Korea and more.  Tales of wise creatures, foolish kings, and whimsical spirits will delight children and parents alike with time-held positive messages embedded in these ancient stories. This show, as many audience members will concur, is truly “a whole lotta’ FUN!”

Songs & Stories of Asian America

Journey of music and storytelling upon the Asian American Landscape

For well over two centuries, Asian immigrants have contributed greatly to the history and development of America.  From the Filipino “shrimp fishing” settlements of the New Orleans Bayous circa 1769 to the Chinese Americans who built the transcontinental railroad that united East and West, the stories and songs of Asian Americans will take to the stage with original lyrics, anecdotes, and storytelling with Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo.  This is an ideal program for hearing the untold chapters of Asian American History.

Asian Treasure Bag

Myths and folk tales come alive on the stage.

Asian folk tales and myths come alive with lyric and rhythmic language, highly synchronized tandem movement, and gestures. Eth-Noh-Tec with Nancy Wang and Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo take to the stage with a dynamic and fresh approach to one of the world’s oldest art forms: Storytelling.  Their stories are an East-West blend between ancient and modern, traditional and innovative.

Kids Love Kulintang

Bronze gongs music, masks and dance!

From the jungles of Mindanao ,Philippines comes the sound of bronze gongs. Pilandok, the village trickster will take the audience on a musical journey through the music played among the indigenous tribes during festivals, weddings, healing rituals, and for personal enjoyment.

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