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Asian Pacific Playshop

Fun with Performing Arts

Participants will try their “hands on” with an array of bamboo instruments (from Indonesia, China, Tibet)… and “feet in” the dancing between clapping bamboo poles, the Filipino Singkil.  And learn the Japanese Tankobushi coal miner’s folk dance.  Transform into forest spirits and creatures of Asian lore through a variety of folk masks.  Join Eth-Noh-Tec in this highly interactive and playful exploration of the Asian world.

Speaking of You

Presence and Presentation

CREATE confidence in speaking.  
SPEAK powerfully, comfortably and with vitality!
CONNECT authentically and immediately with your audience!  
BUILD techniques that enhance your audience’s listening.  
This is a workshop for professionals and small business communities to improve verbal presentation skills.

Eth-Noh-Tec Training Program


Are you a multi-arts performer who is interested in storytelling? Eth-Noh-Tec’s apprenticeship program will engage you in the art of movement-based storytelling, blending together the ancient tales with modern message under the guidance of Nancy and Robert, nationally known and awarded master storytellers.

Tell it! Move it!

Storytelling workshop of Body, Voice and Energy

This is a fun-filled way to explore the art of storytelling using voice, body, language and creative problem solving. Participants will play with character voices, physical drama, story structure and improvisation theater games to bring to life new approaches in telling a story.  Public speaking, team building, self-expression and confidence are built into this playful workshop.


Heritage and Family Fun

Explore the stories of your family’s immigration and journeys, whether through forced labor, in exile, survival or to seek a better life.  One’s individual and collective narrative is rich with tales of tragedy and triumph and is an opportunity for discovering and acknowledging one’s ancestral connections and contributions.  Through journaling, sharing, and creative artwork and performance, one will honor and give gratitude to those who came before us.   We will learn of each other’s family immigrant journeys, building bridges of compassion.

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